Home Secretary Resigns following Windrush Scandal

Home Secretary Resigns following Windrush Scandal

Windrush Scandal

In a dramatic turn of events home secretary Amber Rudd has abundant  her post following her struggle to account for her role in the unfair treatment of the windrush generation immigrates.

It is reported that Rudd was forced to step down after revelations that seem to show that she was aware of targets for removing illegal immigrants from Britain.

The home secretary’s resignation letter was published hours after the latest leak to the prime minister stating that she had “become aware of information provided to my office which makes mention of targets, I should have been aware of this, and I take full responsibility that I was not.”

The prime minister replied that she believed Rudd had given her evidence “in good faith”; but that she could “understand why, now you have had chance to review the advice that you have received on this issue, you have made the decision you have made, and taken responsibility for inadvertently misleading the home affairs select committee”.

Shadow home secretary Diane Abbott told the Guardian Rudd had “done the right thing” She also said that “What I said when I called for her to resign last week was that it is a matter of honour. Given all the to-ing and fro-ing and issues about whether she’d been entirely truthful with the home affairs select committee, I don’t think the Windrush generation could have had the confidence in her,” she said.



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